In 2019, Art W formed "Women We Create" as a platform for global, experiential journeys to connect art enthusiasts with artists of all disciplines to create more dialogue and opportunity for women in the arts. "Women We Create" had its inaugural journey in London during the fall of 2019 and met with Julie Cunningham, Siobhan Davies, Skye Gyngell, Debbie Hillyerd, Tali Pelman, Ingrid Pollard, Gill Saunders, Sabina Savage, Anj Smith, and Gilane Tawadros– in their kitchens, studios, galleries, theatres, and the like. The next immersive trip will take place in Berlin in the fall of 2020. During COVID-19, we expanded that journey digitally with our global network of artists to discuss how the current health crisis is affecting their creative practice. We found these discussions to be highly cathartic for everyone involved. Our hope is that these conversations illuminate the depth of work being done by the artists we spoke with and provoke more discussion around the power and necessity of the arts in times of crisis.

Art W is an organization committed to promoting women working across creative disciplines by means of advocacy, curation, and education. Through a combination of awareness-raising campaigns, educational panels and tours, salon discussion series, and professional curation services, Art W aims to bring collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts together with notable women artists from around the world.

Our educational panels and tours raise awareness of women artists at numerous major international art fairs, including Art Miami, Miami Project, the Affordable Art Fair New York, and Art15 London. The Art W Salon Series, launched in collaboration with the Rutgers University Women and the Arts Collaborative (formerly the Institute for Women and Art) in 2009, features outstanding women artists in discussion with leading curators and collectors. Art W has also worked with leading art institutions, including the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts Museum, and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Art W was founded in 2007 by Marjorie W. Martay to foster dialogue between artists and collectors through intimate discussion salons and panels. In 2009, Art W launched its innovative Salon Series in collaboration with the Rutgers University Women and the Arts Collaborative (formerly the Institute for Women and Art), bringing artists, curators, and art enthusiasts into conversation. The ongoing Salon Series has featured guests including Faith Ringgold, Judy Chicago, Joan Snyder, Anita Huffington, Kathleen Gilje, and Naomi Kremer. 

Beginning with the Affordable Art Fair New York in 2011, Art W began offering professionally curated VIP tours and discussion panels at international art fairs. Since 2011, Art W has curated tours and discussions at Art Miami in December 2013, Miami Project in December 2014, and has lead three curated VIP tours and a panel discussion at the Art15 London fair in May 2015. In 2020 at the Independent art fair Art W led a discussion with Sara Kay, the founder of the Professional Organization of Women in the Arts, on achieving equality for women in the world on International Women’s Day followed by a curated tour highlighting 6 women artists representing different mediums.

Art W is pleased to announce the launch in 2015 of its newest curatorial initiative, offering professional curation services to corporate collectors looking to expand their art collections with works from exceptional women artists around the women. Learn more about this exciting new initiative here



Marjorie W. Martay is an artist, curator, publisher, and entrepreneur. Prior to founding Art W, Martay was the co-founder and publisher of Hippocrates (Health Magazine) and Selling Magazine, and successfully launched Nomad Editions, an innovative digital publisher in 2009. In 2013, Martay was recognized as a Media Legend for Entrepreneurship by the Myers Media Business Network. Martay serves on the boards of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, and the Rutgers University Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities (formerly the Institute for Women and Art).







Sara Dotterer is a interdisciplinary artist and brand strategist. She began her artist-journey as a dancer, and quickly expanded into choreography at a young age. Since then, she has transformed her practice to include painting, writing, mixed media, video, installation, and performance art.  During the day, she works as a strategist at a brand consultancy in Chelsea, NY while pursuing her art after work. She graduated from Washington and Lee University in 2018 with a double major in Studio Art and Anthropology. She joined the Art W team in 2018 upon her arrival to NYC to continue her pursuit of making art accessible to all. 

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